Lacy-Williams semifinalist for Excellence in Teaching Awards

Lacy-Williams named semi-finalist for the New Orleans Excellence in Teaching Awards
Posted on 09/23/2020

Congratulations to Mrs. Taaqua Lacy-Williams, a second grade math teacher at Dwight D. Eisenhower Charter School for being named a semifinalist for the New Orleans Excellence in Teaching Awards! The virtual awards ceremony takes place tonight, Wednesday September 23, when the winner will be announced.

“I was very excited and uplifted to find out I was a semifinalist for the award during the pandemic,” Lacy-Williams said. “If I am announced on Wednesday, I would feel ecstatic because of what my dad just told me this morning by voicemail would be true. He said I am exhibiting the patience of a teacher, and that is God-given.”

A graduate of Dillard University, Lacy-Williams has more than 30 years’ experience in elementary classrooms.

Ms. Lacy-Williams“As I reflect on why I became a teacher, my thoughts lead to my students, their achievements and my professional growth,” she said. “I have dedicated my career to broadening the minds of children and providing them with a solid educational foundation upon which to build. My commitment to helping my students learn never waivers.” 

Eisenhower Principal Rulonda Green, who has worked with Lacy-Williams for more than nine years, says she is the epitome of a lifelong learner.

“Even after her 32 years of service in education, I have continued to watch Mrs. Lacy-Williams grow as a teacher and as a leader in the school. She cares about the growth and academic attainment of all her students,” Green said. “She enjoys finding new and innovative ways to reach her students and keep them engaged.”  

Lacy-Williams said her students’ successes have always been her top priority.

“I love to hear them say they love math. I love when my students can justify their answers in writing. I love when my students are confident as teachers and are willing to assist their classmates with mastering the objective,” she said, adding that seeing their faces light up when given praise makes her effort to be the best educator she can be worth it.

“I have strived year after year to demonstrate continuous growth in all aspects of teaching,” she said. “I bring excellence to my classroom through lessons that are actively engaging and embedded with real-life experiences. I think what sets me apart as a teacher is that I am data-driven.”

Green agrees, saying Lacy-Williams pays attention to the details.

“She’s always the first to disaggregate her testing data, show it to me, and proceed to state how she plans to reteach the skill(s),” Green said. “She is my go-to person when a ranking teacher is needed.”  

Lacy-Williams said that with numerous changes in policies, curriculum, and varying initiatives over the years, her focus remains centered on her classroom contributions. 

“In today’s ever-changing world, my students benefit significantly from a structured teaching environment with high expectations, well-defined common core math objectives and multiple learning opportunities that develop their proficiency in math,” she said. 

On behalf of the DE Family, Green said it is with great honor that they join InspireNOLA and NOLA-PS in recognizing Lacy-Williams for her commitment to excellence.

“Mrs. Lacy-Williams is an asset to DE and the teaching profession,” said Green. “We love her and the energy she brings to Eisenhower each day.” 

Tune in tonight, Wednesday, September 23, for the virtual New Orleans Excellence in Teaching Awards Recognition ceremony.